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Updated Jan 2014

Hours: Varies by day but usually opens at 10:00 am and stays open until 10:00 pm

Prices: Vary by day but plan on $25 – $30 per person, they do offer lower priced tickets after 5:00

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota

Parking: Free

If you are looking for something fun to do with the kids you might want to consider the Water Park of America. This attraction can be a special treat for the whole family. This large indoor waterpark has activities for all ages. There are 5 main attractions at the park:

  1. Climbing structure for younger kids
  2. Wave pool
  3. Surfing
  4. Lazy River
  5. Water Slides

Climbing Structure for Younger Kids

There is a large climbing structure with a zero depth pool for younger kids, though many of the older ones will enjoy the giant bucket that periodically dumps a load of water on top of the play area. This structure also has several water slides for the younger set. I really like these slides because they don’t just dump you onto the bottom of the pool, but have a long straight exit area as part of the slide. This cuts down on wear and tear on swimming suits and little bottoms.

Wave Pool at the Water Park of America

There is a large wave pool with a zero depth entrance. The pool does not make huge waves, but is still fun. There are inner tubes available on a first come, first serve basis. The Lazy River also flows through the wave pool.

Surfing At the Water Park of America

The surfing attraction is not always open, but is a lot of fun when it is. Surfers get a shortened ‘surfboard’ to use and attempt to surf the constant wave. This can be a fun attraction to just watch. Some of the more experienced and athletic surfers are able to actually do tricks. This attraction does have a height and age limit so younger guests are not able to participate. I even tried this the last time we were there and it was a lot of fun.

Lazy River at the Water Park of America

The Lazy River ride requires an inner tube. There are both single and double tubes available and children are allowed to sit in a parents lap. . This slow spin around the perimeter of the park also has several waterfalls that you can ride under for some extra fun.

Water Slides At the Water Park of America

There are several different water slides available in addition to the small ones on the climbing structure. The family or group slide has riders sit in a large round inner tube and go through a toilet bowl shaped area before dropping through a tube. The ride may look scary, but it isn’t. There are also two standard water slides that are great for kids and teens. These rides actually go outside of the building through enclosed tubes, which can be fun in the winter time as the temperature changes inside the tubes. There are also two body slides for the older kids and adults to try. These do have height limitations so younger kids are not able to use them.

Other Attractions.at the Water Park of America

There is another pool with several additional attractions. Water basketball is available as is a lily pad activity that kids enjoy. You have to walk across a line of floating Lilly pads without falling into the water. It is a lot more difficult than it sounds and there is usually a short line of kids waiting to try their luck.

Food at the Water Park of America

The park also has several venues for food, though it is strictly kid friendly food. Pizza, hot dogs, chips, pop and sandwiches are some of the main meals available. There is also a snack bar with ice cream and other treats. The park does not allow you to bring in food but beverages such as bottled water are allowed.

Tips and Tricks for the Water Park of America

Here are some tips and tricks to make your visit to the Water Park of America even more fun.

  1. Use a locker to store valuables
  2. Bring your own drinks
  3. Bring flip flops or other water shoes as the deck can get slippery
  4. Come early as the park is not busy until after lunch or come late as it clears out after 5:00 p.m.
  5. Don’t bother bringing a towel – the park provides towels
  6. The park will provide a life vest for children as needed at no extra cost
  7. Adults who will not get in the water can purchase a discounted pass
  8. Designate a meeting spot if the group is going to separate and then meet at every safety break
  9. All vendors do accept credit cards as well as cash
  10. The park can be very loud so bring earplugs if this is a concern.
  11. Bring a t-shirt to wear in the water as it can sometimes get cold

These tips will help you enjoy your next visit to the Water Park of America, one of the most popular attractions in Minneapolis.

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