Wabasha Street Caves

Gangster Movie Lighting
Image by Brantford Selections via Flickr

Updated Feb 2014

The Wabasha Street Caves are part of Minneapolis’s history. There are many different tours of this unique underground location. The Gangster Tour, Ghost and the Grave Tour and Caves and Graves tours are all done with actors in costumes and character. The history of the caves as they were used by gangsters and others is retold in entertaining detail. The caves also offer a regular ‘Murder Mystery’ dinner.

The caves were actually formed underneath a large plateau and have been used for many different purposes over their history. Natural Silica was mined from the caves, it was used as a mushroom farm and then as a speakeasy. Later it was used as a disco and event location for many different parties. The tours utilize this varied history to create stories and fanciful re-enactments of events that may, or may not, have actually happened.

Tours are available year round as the caves stay at the same temperature regardless of the weather outside. The historic tours are $6 per person while the Gangster tours are currently $24 per person and the Lost Soul’s tour is $10. This attraction is an interesting and unusual place to visit in a town filled with history and family fun. Additional details are available at http://www.wabashastreetcaves.com/

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