The Groves

Indoor Waterpark

We went to The Groves water park yesterday and the kids had a blast. I had never been to this indoor water park, but the kids really wanted to go swimming. The price was great at $20 for a family of 4. Here is a quick breakdown of the park.

The Play Area

This is a great area with a zero depth poo, l a climber with a small slide and various buckets and waterfalls that dump water on everyone. I would highly recommend this area for toddlers and young kids. The water is not deep at all so they can splash and play all they want.

There is also a lilly bad bridge for kids to try and get across. The floating lillies move around a bit so it isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a rope net hanging overhead so the older kids tend to walk across the floating pads while hanging onto the net. The water was not too deep for my 8 year old to be able to stand up and have her shoulders out of the water.

The Water Slides

There are 2 large water slides for the kids. When I say large I mean about 2 stories tall. There is also a smaller water slide on the play structure for younger kids. I really like how these slides now have a landing area so that you don’t tear up your swimming suit when you land. They won’t thrill big kids for long, but grade school age should be fine.


There is a second room with deeper water and diving boards the kids can jump off. My kids spent most of their time in that room. We brought diving toys with us as well and this was the room to use them.

Overall I would recommend The Grove. There are lifeguards on duty and food available from vending machines. You can also bring your own food – which I appreciate because I am kind of picky about what my kids can eat and I hate having to buy overpriced junk food.

This is a small water park, nothing as big as the Water Park of America, but for the price it was great.


  1. Bring your own towels – they are not provided
  2. Bring your own snacks and drinks
  3. Bring some water toys to play with
  4. This park is probably better for toddlers through grade school ages



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