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Updated Jan 2014

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Friday 9:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Prices: $21.99 for adults, $15.99 for children from 3 – 17
Location:  Mall of America
Parking: Free
Coupons: tickets purchased online are less expensive

The  aquarium includes touch pools, display tanks, a tunnel, woodland habitat and a fun play area. The aquarium requires about 2 hours to tour so if possible visit after 5:00 and take advantage of the lower ticket prices. Tickets can also be purchased online for less than they are at the door.

Touch Pools
When first entering the aquarium guests are greeted by a pool filled with rays and a tidal touch pool. The ray pool has both an overhead observation area and windows directly into the tank from bellow. The touch pool contains star fish and sea urchins that can be gently touched. The water is actually quite warm and there is a sink available to wash off the salt water after touching. There is a second pool with lobsters and a variety of crabs that are not to be touched. This leads into the first display tanks.

Display Tanks
The first tank contains an octopus that is quite easy to see. Unlike previous displays the octopus is out in the open and easy to observe. There are also interesting facts about all of the creatures in the aquarium so be sure to read all of the signs and information. Other animals displayed in tanks include a nice variety of jellyfish in tanks with changing colors. The jelly fish are followed by smaller tanks of sea horses, including dwarf sea horses. There are also reel tanks filled with fish many kids will recognize from the movie Nemo. After the tanks guests enter a tunnel through the larger tanks filled with sharks and other fish too large for the small tanks.

Aqua Tunnel
Entering the tunnel is entering a new world under the ocean. The tunnel is divided into sections, each with its own theme. First is a reef section, followed by an Atlantis theme, Amazon River and finally Sturgeon lake. Each section has sharks, turtles and other fish appropriate to that location. Information on the various animals in the section, including their endangered listing is provided near each display. The tunnels are large and the moving sidewalk has been removed so guests can walk through at their own pace. The tunnel empties into the woodland area.

The woodland area has not been changed much from its previous exhibit. There are actually fewer animals, but it is a nice way to end the tour. The play area is near the end of the woodland area so be sure to stop by if the kids are still restless. The tour exits through the gift shop so be ready for the kids to want to buy something.
This attraction will only require a couple of hours to see everything. There are educational talks, feeding times and a back stage tour available in addition to the normal exhibits. This attraction is well worth the trip for families interested in the ocean and its many creatures.

1.    Be sure to pick up one of the quiz packets for the kids
2.    Attend in the evening after 5:00 to take advantage of lower ticket prices
3.    Bring a pen or pencil to check off the animals as you find them
4.    Be prepared to wait when the attraction is crowded – some tanks are small
5.    Bring a camera to take photos of the many animals

Sea Life is a fun attraction at the Mall of America, but it will only require a few hours to visit so take advantage of the other attractions at the Mall.

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