Reducing Holiday Stress


December can be one of the most stressful months of the year for many families.

I happen to celebrate Christmas so I am focused on that holiday. Others may celebrate Hanukah or Kwanza or some may even celebrate more than one of these. Regardless of your religious beliefs everyone else’s rushing around is going to leak into your life too.

I wanted to share some stress relief ideas for you and your family, but rather than retype the same old things that are repeated a lot this time of year I decided to link to a great article from the Mayo clinic. This has some practical tips to help you this season:

I hope you are able to make use of these ideas.

I know that one way we reduce stress at our house is to schedule some family time at least a couple of times this month.

I have talked about a family calendar before but this is one time it is essential. We will sit down and pick a couple of holiday events we really want to see or do and pick dates to do them.  Since they are scheduled we are able to avoid trying to do too much.

Of course it helps that my kids do their shopping at one of the secret holiday shopping events so we don’t have to worry about taking them shopping. We also do most of our shopping online to avoid the crowds.

I will say that the single most important element for reducing stress is focusing on the meaning of the season, not the commercial stuff.

I know that this can be hard with all of the media out there pushing you to buy- buy -buy, but we have decided that our kids really don’t need everything bright and shiny that they want. i am all for stimulating the economy, but not at the expense of my sanity,

I hope that you are able to use these tips to have a less stressful season this year.