Outdoor Recreation Ideas in the Twin Cities

Ice fishing on Obed Lake

One of the things I noticed first when I moved to the Twin Cities almost 20 years ago is that people go outside to have fun during the winter. I was used to staying inside from about December until March. It never occurred to me that you could have fun outside in the cold. In fact the first time my brother asked me if I wanted to go ice fishing I asked him how you cast into the hole?   After he stopped laughing he explained the proper method of ice fishing.

Since that time we have discovered some really fun outdoor activities for the whole family. We have gone cross country skiing, skijoring, snowshoeing and ice fishing. Of course we are always discovering new ways to have fun outside. My youngest has now declared that she wants to learn how to ice skate so we are off to Second Hand Sports to see about getting some ice skates for her. We are lucky enough to live close to Lebanon Hills Regional Park and have access to all kinds of fun winter events. If you are looking for something fun to do this winter check out one of these regional parks for some great ideas:

Bald Eagle- Otter Creek

Bunker Hills

Coon Rapids Dam

Keller-Phalen Regional Park

Lake George

Lebanon Hills

Long Lake Regional Park

Martin-Island-Linwood Lakes

Mississippi West Regional Park

North Mississippi Regional Park

Rice Creek Chain of Lakes

Rum River Central Region

Three Rivers Park District

Many of these parks have scheduled family events. Others may have equipment available for rent so you can try out something new. So dress warm and get out there to have some fun!

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