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This year I am cutting down on my resolutions. I think 3 is enough so I might actually stick with them for more than a week or a month:

 Slow down and enjoy the ride – I spend so much time rushing from one to do list to the next that I want to slow down a bit this year. My kids are older now and they can start helping around the house so I don’t have to do everything. I need to delegate to them so they can learn more about taking care of themselves anyway. With that extra time we can go for walks, play games or just read together. I know that in a few short years they will be off and running with their friends or at college and I won’t see them nearly as much. I also have a list of attractions in the area that I want to visit before they get to old to enjoy them.

Focus more on my faith – Someone once told me that if you are too busy for God you are too busy and I agree. This past Christmas season we didn’t do any decorating, very little baking and almost no gift giving. (Events and the weather conspired against us so we just didn’t do a lot of the usual holiday stuff) Yet I enjoyed the season more than I have in a long time and neither one of the kids mentioned the change in activities. I think it is important to keep this new found focus on faith as much as possible.

Try something new every week– I think trying to do something new every day is asking too much as I am just not that adventurous, but I think I could manage something new every week. It may be as simple as trying a new food, but you never know – maybe my oldest will finally talk me into that skydiving adventure she wants so badly. This one can tie in nicely with the slow down resolution. I am hoping we can get back to the Sunday as family day rhythm we used to have and get out there to see some new things.

I hope that all of you have your own resolutions for the year and I wish you luck in sticking with them. I am sure one of those resolutions is to join Things To Do With Kids so you can get on the mailing list and get a free ebook each week for the first quarter in 2013. (I have written 15 ebooks and will be sending 1 a week until I have sent them all out.)

Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to helping you discover the many fun family attractions and events in the Twin Cities.

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