More Outdoor Winter Fun in Minneapolis

Ice skating
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When the snow blows and the temperature drops some people head inside to wait out the season. Others get their winter gear on and head outdoors for some fun on the ice. Anyone who lives in Minneapolis can spend some time ice skating, playing hockey, or even ice fishing until spring returns.

Ice Skating
One very popular pastime is ice skating. There are indoor rinks where an entry fee is charged or outdoor rinks and ponds where the skating is free. There are often ice rinks  in most of the local parks. These rinks can be as simple as a flat area that is used for soccer during the summer, but the park applies water in the winter. Some rinks will have skates available for rent and even a warming house. Another option for winter skates is to purchase ice skates second hand from a store such as Play It Again Sports. Beginners may want to take lessons to learn how to balance on skates. Always wear appropriate winter clothing when skating and don’t forget to drink some water to avoid dehydration.

Ice Hockey
Hockey is an extremely popular sport in some areas and there are leagues for kids as young as three years old. Kids who want to play can learn quickly and will spend many hours on the ice. There are also leagues for adults who want to continue playing. For those who enjoy hockey, but don’t want to play they can go see the Minnesota Gophers, The Wild or one of the many local highs school teams play.

Ice Fishing
This may not seem like much of a sport, but it is extremely popular. A hole is drilled into the ice and the fisherman drops a line with bait into the cold water. Many sportsman who enjoy ice fishing will use an ice house to protect themselves from the elements. In the winter lakes and ponds that are popular will be dotted with these small portable shacks. There are even some resorts who offer overnight, weekend or weeklong stays in deluxe shacks with lights, heat and sleeping bunks. The fish caught in the winter can be just as large as other times of the year, but it may take longer as they are not as active. Ice fishing can be a lot of fun to do with friends and family as it gives participants some time together without common distractions.

These three winter activities offer some fun things to do with kids of all ages. Take some time to get out and enjoy the winter season. Spend some time learning to ice skate, watching a live hockey game or ice fishing on a lake to create a memory that may last a lifetime.

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