Minnesota Children’s Theatre

Updated Jan 2014

Hours: Plays vary but there are usually matinees and evening shows daily
Prices: Vary but start at $20
Location: 2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis
Parking: Free
Coupons: none available at this time

The Minnesota Children’s Theatre is a wonderful way to introduce kids of all ages to the theatre. The theatre produces about 6 plays each season. The theatre also provides educational programs for kids in and around Minneapolis. They are also heavily involved in community outreach through their Neighborhood Bridges philosophy and program. The Minnesota Children’s Theatre also provides opportunities for local individuals to participate in the plays with auditions held regularly for each of their upcoming productions.

Children’s Theatre Productions
The theatre produces about 6 plays on its main stage and smaller Cargill stage. Each play is advertised with the suggested age range for guests. This is extremely helpful when deciding which play to attend. There are seasonal memberships available that allow members to choose several plays or even all of them as they decide. Seasonal ticket holders get to order their tickets first and therefore often get the best seats.

Ticket prices vary according to show dates and times, but they usually start around $65 for three plays for an adult and $55 for a child who is attending 3 plays. First weekend shows and matinees are less expensive than evening shows. There are also lap seat tickets for the youngest guests. These tickets are less expensive than regular tickets and allow a young child to sit on an adults lap. This can be a great way to allow a toddler to see better and prevent them from being to bouncy in their own seat. The theatre does have a small snack bar and gift shop available before plays, during intermission and after plays. No food or drink is allowed inside the theatre so be sure to finish everything before going in.

Educational Programs at the Children’s Theatre
The Children’s Theatre Company has a program a Theatre Arts Training program for children beginning as young as two years old and extending through high school. The program is tailored to the ages of the participants and allows them to explore the world through theatre arts. The younger kids explore through storytelling, music and movement. The Children’s Theatre Company also partners with local schools to provide models and artwork for teachers to use in the classroom.

Neighborhood Bridging Program
This program utilizes the talents of the Children’s Theatre Company to reach out to families and schools and help improve literacy. The nationally recognized program uses storytelling and drama to encourage children to explore the world of literature. The program goes directly into classrooms to help create a culture of independent thinkers and cooperative learning. The program extends into preschool as well to help these early learners through storytelling, puppets and music.
The Minnesota Children’s Theatre Company is a great place to learn and grow as well as enjoy a wonderful production.

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