Libraries: More Than Just Books

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We are avid library patrons. We will go at least several times a month and during the summer we will go almost weekly. We also take advantage of the many free programs our library system offers. My oldest has been to classes on Henna, beading, and writing. Every summer she picks out several classes to attend and has thoroughly enjoyed them all. My youngest has enjoyed the Saturdays when Dogs come in to the library and patiently let the kids read to them – it is a lot of fun to watch both the kids and the animals.

These are just some of the examples of programs provided through local libraries. If you haven’t visited in awhile I encourage you to check it out. Many libraries also offer ebooks in addition to traditional paper books. There are computers to use as well as many clubs that can be joined.

If you need somewhere to go to get out of the weather, check your local library – you may be surprised at what is available for all ages.

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