Indoor Recreation Ideas for a Minnesota Winter

English: Wave pool at the Water Park of America

As much as I love playing outside with my kids, sometimes I just don’t want to go through the hassle of getting everyone into their warm clothing and then drying everything when we get home. Sometimes it is nice to just have fun inside. Luckily the Twin Cities is filled with fun museums and other indoor attractions that kids love.  Here are 10 of our family favorites:

  1. Adventure Peak – my kids are 8 & 13 and have outgrown this fun indoor climber, but for kids 7 and under it is a great place to run off some steam.
  2. Minnesota Zoo – Even in winter this is a lot of fun. The tropic trail, bird show and aquarium are all inside. The Minnesota trail is partially inside so bring a coat if you decide to try it. Unfortunately the dolphins are no longer in residence at the zoo, so if that was a favorite you may want to tell your kids before you arrive so they don’t have a meltdown like my youngest did when she found out.
  3. Minnesota Children’s Museum – This remains a favorite of my 8 year old. My older daughter outgrew it at about age 10. They still have coupons available at local libraries for 2 free admissions so be sure to check one out before you go.
  4. Minnesota Science Museum – My kids both enjoy the science museum, particularly the last couple of special attractions they have had. The addition of actors as part of the exhibits really made them come alive for my kids.
  5. Baaken Museum – This remains a year round favorite for my kids. They love getting me to touch all of the different things that zap me.
  6. Water Park of America – My kids still enjoy this park, though we didn’t go over Christmas break like we usually do so I don’t have any updates from my last post.
  7. Grand Slam – This remains a favorite for both kids. They kind of miss the balls to play with, but they enjoy the giant trampoline too. Both really like the lazer tag, particularly when they win.
  8. The Works – This is a fun hands on science museum and they have new activities every weekend. Their new facilities have allowed them to really branch out with their exhibits too. If you haven’t stopped by recently be sure to make the trip.
  9. Nickelodeon Universe – We went over Christmas break and we saw the new ride, but neither of my kids would ride on it. They still enjoy the variety of roller coasters though.
  10. Minneapolis Institute of Art – An art museum may not sound like a kid friendly attraction but each month the MIA has a monthly family day where they provide some ‘extra’ fun for kids of all ages. These events have proven to be a hit with everyone in our family and as a result the kids have enjoyed going even when there isn’t a family day. Be sure to do the scavenger hunt that is always available to visitors.

These are my family’s top 10 indoor attractions, but of course there are many others that we can’t agree on. Make a new year resolution to visit 1 new attraction each month to get a little adventure into your life.

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