Holz Farm

Holz Farm

Colorado Hay
Playing on a giant stack of hay was the favorite activity of the day for my kids. Holz Farm was a definite hit and we will be back again this year.

The first time we visited Holz Farm I thought my husband was lost as we wound through suburban Eagan; but this 1940’s era farm is tucked behind a regular neighborhood. They are having the Lone Oak Festival this weekend with

  • pony rides
  • haystack to play in
  • hay rides
  • rope making
  • corn shucking
  • food

When we went a couple of years ago the line for the pony ride was pretty long so I would suggest coming early if your kids will want to do that.  There is a fee for the pony rides.

Hay Stack

My kids don’t have regular access to a farm like my husband and I did when we were kids so their favorite part was playing in the haystack. It is amazing how much fun kids can have with a bunch of loose hay. We enjoyed watching them for the first half hour, but then it was time to move on. I spent the rest of the afternoon picking hay out of their clothes and their hair. (Note to self, next time bring a brush)

1940’s History

The hay ride was the most interesting to me as I got to hear about the history of the farm and the area. There are several oaks on the property that are estimated to be over 200 years old. That always amazes me -that trees can be that old. We took a brief tour of the farmhouse and it was like walking into my grandmothers home. She had the same style of house, same style of stove and same style of furniture. The kids enjoyed learning about baking bread and making butter.

We enjoyed our trip back in time and the kids want to go back. That is always the true test of any adventure – if they want to go back we know they had fun. Holz Farm is having a Halloween event in October so be sure to check it out if you can’t make the festival this weekend.