Hidden Beach Cedar Lake

My family and I went on a new adventure yesterday to a beach we had never visited. Hidden Beach at Cedar Lake – now known as East Cedar Beach is a lot of fun.

English: Hidden Beach, Minneapolis MN, Summer 2005
English: Hidden Beach, Minneapolis MN, Summer 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a long history of this beach as it was once the only nude beach in Minneapolis and still retains a ‘vibe.’ There was an eclectic mix of people on the beach and it wasn’t crowded at all – which was a bit surprising since the weather was so beautiful. The kids enjoyed playing in the lake and even more playing in the official Mud Hole.

Yep this beach has a large area filled with ‘mud’ (though it is grey mud and more like clay than anything) Anyone can play in the mud pit and then wash off in the lake. My kids went in and out of the pit many times during the afternoon.

The beach was a bit hard to find as there isn’t any signage and it is located at the end of a dead end street. There is NO PARKING except on the street so you may have to walk a bit from your car. I actually dropped my family off and drove about a 2 blocks before finding a parking spot.

The beach itself has many large trees and is nicely shaded. There are no bathrooms on site except a porta-potty. I would recommend this beach for any family looking for a new adventure.

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