Halloween Attractions

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Anyone who knows me well knows I really DON’T like haunted houses or scary stuff. However I have a husband and daughter that do. So in honor of them I am listing the top 3 haunted attractions in the Twin Cities. Of course there are many more besides these, and some are for charity so be sure to check local newspaper listings for more ideas.

#1 Soap Factory

This is an extremely scary haunted attraction. It is so scary that guests must sign a waiver before entering and everyone must be 18 or older. The Soap Factory can be toured by reservation only and tickets are almost sold out for the season so call not  if you are interested in a VERY scary night.

#2 Valley Scare

This is more family friendly. During the day they have transformed the Camp Snoopy with Halloween decorations and trick or treat opportunities for younger kids. After dark teens and adults can enjoy the more frightening rides. Not all rides are operating as some have been converted to haunted house type attractions. Valley scare is less scary than the Soap factory but more frightening then the next attraction on the list.

#3 Trail of Terror

This is a popular attraction for teens. The same location as the Renaissance Festival is transformed with spooky decorations and characters. There are 15 different attractions and the Torture Chamber does require a waiver to be signed. Other attractions such as the corn maze and Campfire Stories are less frightening.

Enjoy your Halloween fright!