Grand Slam

A youth bouncing on a trampoline

Updated Jan 2014

Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00pm, Sun – Thur1 :0:00 am – Midnight, Fri & Sat Prices: Vary by package but start at $9.95 for 3 hours

Location: 12425 River Ridge Blvd., Burnsville

Parking: Free

Grand Slam is a chain of locations that have indoor miniature golf, batting cages and other fun family activities. Any location will provide hours of fun for the whole family. The Burnsville location has 6 areas:

1.Miniature Golf with a Pirate Theme
2.Batting cages
3.Extreme Trampoline  – This is not the traditional trampoline from your backyard
4.Laser tag
6.Krazy Kars (bumper cars)

Grand Slam also has a snack bar and a birthday party room. This is a great place to spend an afternoon with the kids and let them run off some energy. There are different packages available that include different areas and are good for three hours. This is generally the best deal.

Krazy Kars
The Krazy Kars are a type of bumper car that kids will love to drive. They have to use joystick type levers to move the car around the room and can bump into other drivers. Small children can go with older kids and there is a minimum height requirement to drive the cars.

Lazer Tag
The Lazer Tag is very popular and uses standard equipment with a vest and laser gun. There is no running during the game however and this can be difficult for some kids who get very excited when they play. This is a great game for a group to play together.

Extreme Trampoline
The extreme trampoline is a lot of fun and very exhausting. The trampoline is divided into squares and only one person is supposed to jump in each square, but participants can jump from one square to another. This is harder than it sounds. The walls also have trampolines at an angle so talented individuals can do flips and other tricks off the wall.

Batting Cages
The batting cages range in age from kindergarten to professional. There are bats and helmets available on site for those who don’t want to bring their own.


The arcade is not large, but does have some fun games. Some games will give tickets that can then be turned in for prizes.

Tips and Tricks
1. Grand Slam has internet available for parents who may just want to sit and surf the web while their kids play. There is a small seating area near the snack bar.
2. It can get very loud as the kids are playing.
3. It can get very crowded so go early in the day or late in the afternoon and avoid that noon to 4 birthday crowd.
4. The food at the snack bar is limited.
5. The golf is not very challenging for adults, but the kids seem to enjoy it.

Grand Slam is a favorite attraction for school aged kids and can be a lot of fun when the weather outside doesn’t allow kids to get out and play.  They are also a popular location for birthday parties.

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