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Summer is supposed to be filled with sunshine and warm weather, but sometimes it just isn’t. As we move into fall the weather becomes even more unpredictable. Here are 5 fun indoor locations to get your kids to run off their energy anytime.

Adventure Peak:

his climber is part of the larger Edinborough Park in Edina. The climber is 3 stories tall and perfect to play in for hours at a time.

Water Park of America:

This is the largest indoor water park in the United States. Located within 5 miles of the Mall of America it is a fun place to spend a day getting wet.

Minnesota Zoo:

This zoo has 2 indoor trails that can be enjoyed rain or shine. The aquatic area is also completely inside.

Science Museum of Minnesota

The museums does have an outdoor exhibit open seasonally, but most of the exhibits are inside and perfect for a rainy day.

Minnesota Children’s Museum:

As with the Science Museum the Children’s Museum does have an outdoor exhibit that is open seasonally. Again this museum is perfect for a rainy day of fun.

These are just 5 of the places you can take your kids on a rainy or very hot day.

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