Eloise Buttler Wildflower and Butterfly Garden

English: Amber Flush rose - Bagatelle Rose Gar...
English: Amber Flush rose – Bagatelle Rose Garden (Paris, France). Français : Rose Amber Flush – Roseraie de Bagatelle (Paris, France). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This garden opens to the public April 1 but people often don’t go until early summer. The garden and bird sanctuary provides a wonderful place to stop and smell the flowers.  This is actually the oldest public wildflower garden in the United States. This 15-acre park has trails that wander through a variety of landscapes and native flora. There are bog, meadow and hillside areas where native plants are cared for in this garden home. With over 500 plant species and 130 bird species this garden is worth the trip for anyone interested in native flora or fauna.

There is a 2/3 mile trail that wanders through the gardens. There are many interpretive stations with information on the plants and birds in the area for those who want to take a self-guided tour. The Martha Crone Visitor Shelter is in the center of the park and houses natural history displays and reference materials for those who are interested in a deeper understanding of the park and it’s purpose.

Different areas of the park have different peak times for viewing for those interested in blooming plants. In the spring between April and May the boodland is in bloom with bloodroot, wild ginger , bluebells and trout lilies. June and July is normally the time for the wetland area to show off with showy lady’s-slippers, native iris and cardinal flowers. The prairie area blooms through the mid to late summer with asters, sunflowers and blazing stars. In the fall all of the areas have plants that will change to vibrant colors before becoming dormant for the winter.

The park is open to the public daily form April 1 until October 15 beginning at 7:30 am. The park remains open until 1 hour before sunset.

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