Building Better Families #12 – What Is Your Passion?

36What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a question the kids get asked a lot – I have already written about what we should be asking our kids, but today this quote jumped out at me:

“If you knew you would never have to worry about money, that you would always have enough for all you need and most of what you wanted, what work would you dedicate yourself to?”

It got me thinking.

My oldest is 17 and will be heading off to college in just over a year – she has decided that she wants to get an English degree so she can move to Japan, teach English as a second language and enjoy the Anime culture she loves so much.

To me that sounds like she will be living her passion.

But plans don’t always work out the way we want them to. I am struggling to find a way to encourage her to live her dream, while helping her prepare for a reality that may not live up to that dream.

I keep thinking of all of the road blocks between here and there:

  1. First she has to actually graduate from high school
  2. Then she has to get accepted into college
  3. Then we have to figure out how to pay for college
  4. She has to master the life skills of living independently
  5. Then she has to pass her classes and graduate from college
  6. Then she has to find a company to hire her in Japan
  7. Then she has to move to Japan

Of course this list doesn’t include all of the things that happen in life that can move us off our chosen path. What if she7658298768_e4c2c2635e_n-300x199

  1. Doesn’t get accepted into the college she wants
  2. Gets accepted but can’t complete the classes
  3. Completes the classes but meets a boy, falls in love etc…..
  4. Completes the classes and can’t find a company in Japan to hire her
  5. Or if she just changes her mind because she finds something else to be passionate about

As a parent I tend to take the long view and see all of the problems between here and there – but I don’t want her to give up her dreams – there has to be a middle ground somewhere.

It is so exciting to see someone so passionate about something they obviously love, and love to share with others. If only she didn’t want to move 6000 miles away to live it.

But seeing that passion has made me stop to think about my own life. After all we are trying to build better families here and the better I am as a person the better off my family will be.

If I won the lottery tomorrow would I keep working?

To be honest I am not sure – I feel like what I do is my vocation. Not the actual job as I am administrative assistant and I could do that anywhere – but that job allows me to serve others every day. To make their lives a little bit easier, a little bit better, hopefully a little bit brighter. That is my passion and my calling. I am good at my job and I really enjoy it most of the time.

Could I use that passion to serve others in another way if I had unlimited funding?  Of course I could, but I haven’t won the lottery yet so I am satisfied to stay where I am and serve the people around me every day.

What about you?  What is your passion and purpose?


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