Building Better Families #11 – What Is The Most Important Question You Can Ask Your Child?

It is time for a confession – I haven’t actually been spending 15 minutes a day, every day reading inspirational stuff. 22

Once again life has gotten in the way and I have gotten too ‘busy’ to stick with it as I should.

Having said that, I am here and now publicly committing myself to getting up a little earlier, setting a timer and taking that 15 minutes each day until I finish Building Better Families.

(We’ll see how long it lasts as I am not a morning person.)

Happily today is Saturday and I didn’t have to get up early – I just had to walk away from the television. (Okay that may be even harder on such a rainy day.)

Today I started reading chapter 4 of Building Better Families and it looks like it is going to take me several days to work through the whole chapter, there is so much here to think about and share with you.

The first practical bit of advice I am going to start using today with my kids is changing the questions I ask them.

I have talked about how I feel that my family life is changing and my kids are slipping away from me. This weekend we are going to do something fun as a family – but when I talked to the girls about it they were less than thrilled.

I realized that it is just part of being a teen/tween – this pulling away from the family – it isn’t my fault.

Having said that we are still going to do something together, but we are giving them a couple of choices instead of choosing for them. (If you aren’t a member of my Facebook group350px-hidden-beach-summer-05 you may want to join to find out what we decide to do.)

In the car ride there and back there is likely to be actual conversation. For some reason both of them get very chatty in the car. That is when I can spring this question on them,

What did God say to you today?”

I know I am going to get blank stares from both of them, but I am going to ask the question anyway.

Of course I had better be ready with an answer of my own – hmmm – that means I actually have to take a moment to stop and listen to what God is saying to me.

I am not very good at that.

But maybe I do have an answer – writing this post.

I can’t say that I have ever heard the voice of God the same way I hear my husband’s voice or my children’s voices, but God speaks to me every day in the little circumstances that line up perfectly to my advantage.

For example yesterday I was at work, walking from one building to another and happened across 2 coworkers who were walking out to the building I had just left -the building that recently had the locks changed and I have the key. Happily I was able to walk back with them and let them in, saving everyone a lot of time and trouble.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but that kind of thing happens to me all the time.

I will be thinking I need to tell someone something and when I turn the corner in the stairwell I will run into them. Again, not a huge coincidence, but when it happens over and over again I start to think there is a larger force in play.

God does care about me – not just in the big life-changing decisions, but in the small every day occurrences.

If I pay attention to what is happening around me, the things I listen to, the things I read, then God speaks to me a lot.

He is speaking to all of us – what is he saying to you?


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