Baaken Museum Review

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Thursday 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Closed Sunday, Monday & Major Holiday

Prices: Adults $7
Students & Seniors $5 – students can be Kindergarten through college. Older students will be asked for ID

Location: 3537 Zenith Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55416-4623

Parking: Free

The Baaken Museum is located inside a mansion built in 1929 near Lake Calhoun. It became a museum in the 1970’s and is a beautiful location on Lake Calhoun. There are many different exhibits including the Body Electric gallery, Electricity Party Room, Electrifying Minnesota, Frankenstein’s laboratory, Mystery of Magnetism and the West Winds Exhibit.

Body Electric Gallery
This gallery has several fun interactive displays that teach guests about how the human body generates electricity. The most popular display is the Mindball exhibit where guests can compete in a battle of relaxation.

Electricity Party Room
This is a popular exhibit for kids to try the same experiments Benjamin Franklin did. These experiments include using static electricity to make bells ring and confetti dance. Beware some of the exhibits do use people and the last person in line can get a nasty static electricity shock.

Electrifying Minnesota
This exhibit details how electricity has impacted life in Minnesota. It also give some history about the hydroelectric plant that was opened 125 years ago on the Mississippi .

Frankenstein’s Laboratory
This is a fun room with a few experiments and a short presentation on Frankenstein’s monster. It may not be suitable for younger kids as it is somewhat scary.

Mystery of Magnetism
Magnets and electricity are linked in many ways. This exhibit explores magnets and how they are related to electricity.

West Winds Exhibit
This is a new exhibit at the museum. Many guests are interested in the history of the building in addition to learning about electricity and magnetism. This exhibit outlines the history of the home and its previous owners.

The Baaken Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. They do participate in the Adventure Pass program so be sure to stop by the library to check out your passes before you visit. The museum is small and can get crowded so it is a good idea to visit early in the day. Choose a warm day and expand your visit to include Lake Calhoun and the surrounding park area that is

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