2016 Challenge

It has been 5 years since I wrote my book 365 Things to Do in the Twin Cities. Early in the year I was considering rewriting the book for 2016 and realized that it might be fun to see if I can post a different event, attraction or activity here every day for the entire year.

So I am going to give it a try – I have successfully posted attractions and events for the first 8 months.

School is starting soon for us – This is the first year I don’t have someone in grade school 🙁

I am not sure who is more nervous – me or my daughter. Wish us luck!

Here is my challenge for you – pick one thing each month to do with your family.

To help you out I am providing a list of events and attractions – 1 per day – listed on the events page.

If you spend quality time with the people you love most once a month for the entire year I promise you will see a profound difference in your life.




You can also Check out the Attractions page for a list of over 70 local family friendly places to visit.

I have included links to reviews for those that my family has visited.

Sadly my children are no longer of an age where we regularly spend time doing these fun things together – this change has prompted me to start a new series of articles. I am reading Building Better Families by Matthew Kelly and sharing my thoughts on what I read.

If you have any questions please email me at dmarcottefreelance(at)live(dot)com.

I love to hear from other parents.