Welcome to 2017


Welcome back to Things to Do With Kids in Minnesota or if you are a first time visitor just welcome.

2016 was quite a year for us – we no longer have children in grade school – the oldest is going to college in the fall of 2017 and the youngest is in middle school.

It has become very hard to find time to spend together – the oldest works every weekend, trying to earn enough to help pay her way in college and the youngest isn’t interested in leaving her room. (tween’s, got a love them.)

But we are still a family and we still enjoy the occasional adventure.

Here is my challenge for you – pick one thing each month to do with your family, no matter what age your children are.

If you spend quality time with the people you love most once a month for the entire year I promise you will see a profound difference in your life.




You can also Check out the Attractions page for a list of over 70 local family friendly places to visit.

I have included links to reviews for those that my family has visited.

Sadly my children are no longer of an age where we regularly spend time doing these fun things together – this change has prompted me to start a new series of articles. I am reading Building Better Families by Matthew Kelly and sharing my thoughts on what I read.

If you have any questions please email me at dmarcottefreelance(at)live(dot)com.

I love to hear from other parents.